There are simply not enough words to describe how much I loved this shoot. Ashley and Brian are two of the most gracious and hospitable people I’ve ever known and I love any time Patrick and I get to spend with them. Ashley’s been a dear friend for years, and when she approached me about capturing Sadie Kate’s half birthday pictures, I was more than excited! See that shoot here! Fast forward six more months to this little turning one! I seriously couldn’t believe that little Sadie Kate is now saying “hi” to everyone. She’s beginning to walk and has so much personality. When Ashley told me that she was planning to introduce Sadie Kate to the largest amount of sugar she’d ever tasted, I knew that I needed to document this as accurately as possible. We started with family photos and ended with a porch smeared with cake. Sadie probably finger painted more than she ate, and it was probably just as exciting for us as it was for her. Happy Birthday, Ms. Sadie Kate. You have already grown so much since I last saw you and I love how much love you have for Mom, Dad, and life, in general. You laugh at the smallest things, and visually absorb everything in your environment. Here’s some of my favorite moments from that fun day!



I just can’t with the blue eyes!

I had to get a before picture.


The realization that this cake smash has no rules.




I couldn’t not include the face palm image! Simply classic!

Sugar rush!!

Final photo from Ms. Sadie Kate after defeating the cake.

I’m officially a huge fan of cake smash sessions! Join me in celebrating this adorable little and her amazing triumph over her birthday cake!