“We have rules to keep you…” Ashley waited for her daughter to complete her sentence. “…safe”, Sadie Kate responded. “And because…” Ashley again prompted Sadie Kate “…you love me”, Sadie Kate finished. I have been friends with this amazing family for years and have seen Ashley go from single to married, from a newlywed to a mother. In that time, I’ve heard Ashley use that same exact statement since before Sadie could respond, and it melts my heart to hear her now old enough to understand. Ashley and Brian are parenting goals! They are incredibly patient, intentional, and encourage their daughter to be everything she has the potential to be. They laugh at her facial expressions and embrace her love for the dramatics (yes, she acted out 10 little monkeys while we were there). It was honestly the sweetest honor to photograph this family and to see the changes that Sadie Kate has made through the years! See her 1st birthday cake smash here and her 6 month photos here. It’s safe to say I’m all about this family and cannot wait to see what changes this next year brings their way!

I love you three so much, and I’m thankful that you’ve allowed me to photograph so many amazing milestones in both yours and Sadie Kate’s life. I am beyond honored and I absolutely love seeing where the next year takes you!

See more of this adorable family! See Sadie Kate’s 1st birthday cake smash here and her 6 month photos here.