We arrived on the beautiful property, in awe each time our view became the wide open fields and distant estate. From the vast land of the Meadows to the incredible Estate home, Patrick and I never tire of photographing at this expansive venue. And it only gets better because we were at this incredible space with Dave and Si. Meeting them was like catching up with old friends and Patrick and I found that we had so much in common with these two as they loved to relax and spend time together amidst the busyness of their lives. These two met online and savored their time together, growing their relationship and loving the entire journey. Patrick and I photographed not one, but two weddings in which Dave and Si were wedding guests, and we knew that we were destined to connect with one another. Patrick and I absolutely loved the time spent with these two and enjoyed their “down for whatever” attitude regardless of whether they were cuddling on a blanket or strolling down the driveway. Enjoy Dave and Si and the time we spent at the gorgeous Meadows at Firefly Farm Preserve.

This tree is my favorite! For the second portion of the shoot Dave and Si decided to change into a more relaxed ensemble, and we absorbed every last moment of the gorgeous light on the beautiful property.


Photographer: Christen Smith Photography

Venue: The Meadows, Raleigh NC