The concrete jungle loomed before our eyes. Car horns blared in the distance. Construction workers made progress on the roads while the buzz of scattered conversations circled around us. Forest Hills in New York City quieted down the moment that Toby and Loramarie started interacting. Traffic paused. The audience hushed. It was as though their relationship was the key to reminding the city what love expressed truly looks like. I stood in many a street in New York to photograph these two and no one minded. Toby and Loramarie met in this glorious city and developed their relationship over a spontaneous dinner date that led us to where we are today. Despite cold, construction, and unending audiences surrounding them, these two absolutely owned their time in the city. 

We started in Forest Hills, walking around the metro station and taking advantage of the stunning architecture and light. We finished at St John’s which is where Loramarie previously worked. The light on the campus was beyond amazing and I absolutely loved how easy these two interacted together. Toby is hilarious and Loramarie is seriously one of the most genuine women. Their relationship is filled with light and I am so glad that we got plenty of sun to encapsulate exactly what their love looks like on the inside. Toby and Loramarie, thanks for showing me around your city and we cannot wait to celebrate with you two back up in amazing NYC in just a couple of months!