All it took was one email. I met Katie at Cross + Main in Youngsville, NC. I was photographing a styled shoot and Katie saw Patrick and I do whatever it took to get the shots we wanted. There’s even a picture out there somewhere of me standing on Patrick’s shoulders to get a better angle. It must have stood out to Katie, because she reached out following the styled shoot, and from there it was Neuse River walks, frozen yogurt runs, and many discussions about life, love, and God. As each year passes, I’m finding that there’s nothing more important than friends and family. I could be making bank, have the Pinterest house, and be living the Insta-dream, but if I have no one to appreciate my “stuff” with, it’s worthless. I love this lady and getting to see the many adventures she’s been placed on. From Cross + Main to The Barn of Chapel Hill, I love seeing how she’s using her talents to love on couples in the wedding industry! Here’s to Katie and our beautiful Raleigh shoot!

Getting to explore new locations is just the greatest. It pushes me as an artist and gives me the opportunity to showcase our beautiful city! Here’s to beautiful Katie, and here’s to Raleigh!! I’m a fan.