Emily and I go way back. Like try 2009 at a Maryland summer camp, way back. Before we met our spouses. Before we graduated college. Before we began our careers of pursuing photography as more than just a hobby. It’s crazy to think that it will be ten years ago that I first met this intentional and sweet lady at a summer camp far from where we both lived.

Fast forward to 2018 when Emily and I began reconnecting over photography and our mutual love for our careers. Emily is the lady boss of Peper Love Photography and truly has a love for capturing light and airy love. Emily filled me in on life since we had last seen one another, including meeting Brandon, one of the most down-to-earth and sweetest humans I know, as well as adding Noah and Riley to their family. Patrick and I ventured back to Lynchburg Virginia on a beautiful fall afternoon to shoot at Point of Honor, one of the many gorgeous historic landmarks in Lynchburg. Not only was it amazing to catch up with Emily and meet Brandon, Riley, and Noah for the first time, but it was so refreshing to catch up with a family who it felt like we’d known our entire lives.

I count myself so blessed that my time of living in multiple places allowed me to meet the most amazing people. I hope you enjoy seeing the heartbeat of this family and that their time in front of the camera really captured outside what Patrick and I immediately felt about them on the inside.


Emily, Brandon, Riley, and Noah: Thank you for allowing Patrick and I to capture your incredible family and your amazing relationship. You four are remarkable and I am so excited at seeing how far you’re going to go in 2019. Here’s to nothing but beautiful things ahead!!!