Laughter poured from our computer speakers. It was a welcome sound as Patrick and I sat on the couch, our hands touching as our laughs matched the sound emanating from our screen. We were on a double-date, and it was not just any double-date, it was a long-distance double-date. Michelle and Jerry were meeting us for the first time from Boone, North Carolina and it was symbolic considering that Michelle and Jerry spent a good portion of their relationship apart. They originally met at work and Michelle moved to Nashville Tennessee shortly afterward. Long distance phone calls and spontaneous road trips were how their relationship was maintained. They traveled between Raleigh and Nashville for the chance to spend mere hours together, talking about how they would drive through the night or early in the morning to get a little time together before returning to work. My favorite part from their story was the story of how Jerry proposed. He would write “just because” letters to Michelle, leaving them in a wooden bowl to give her little reminders of their love. The final letter that she read from him had two words, “will you?”. And she did.

Patrick and I felt so refreshed during our double-date and the engagement shoot was no exception. Despite rain in the forecast, Michelle and Jerry took the entire shoot in stride. I absolutely loved this shoot, because it symbolized them and their relationship. No matter the weather or obstacles, these two simply glow. I hope you get the chance to see exactly what Patrick and I felt from the moment we met these two.

Thank you for braving the elements and for trusting us to photograph such an amazing time for the two of you! April cannot come soon enough and we’re so excited for your mountain wedding! Here’s to this amazing couple!