Alexa and CJ are like real-life Barbie and Ken. For real, they made my job of looking incredible in front of the camera so easy, and they had Patrick and I laughing the entire time we were together.  This adorable couple has been together for years and have the most well-documented proposal of anyone I’ve ever known. Meeting them was like talking with friends we’ve known forever. CJ has a love for the show The Office that transcends even Michael Scott’s love for himself, and Alexa is a lady boss for Letter Me Lovely by Alexa Corrine. Combined, they’re a sports supporting, movie quoting, puppy loving couple who has no trouble getting the other one to laugh and smile at their antics.


Alexa and CJ were very specific about the locations that they wanted for the shoot, including locations that meant the most to them as a couple.

We started at Meredith College where we dodged all of the scavenger hunters and festivities as the campus prepared for corn week.


CJ and Alexa had matching Hurricane’s jerseys with his last name on both. Love this!



Next, we made our way over to the NC State Belltower to pay homage to CJ’s alma mater.


Finally, we finished at the Capitol building where we caught the last bit of gorgeous light.


Alexa and CJ, we had an absolute blast working with you two and we cannot wait for your beautiful fall wedding! It’s going to be epic!