We were surrounded by trees and tall grass as the four of us began our ascent. The climb proved less difficult as we spent 60 minutes driving along a mountain trail, sending our sedan along switchbacks and bumps, our coffee sloshing within our cups (thank goodness for lids). Upon arrival, we found two people who could not have looked more at home than the mountain we were climbing. Kelsey and Nick have traversed mountains. A ton of mountains. They are avid hikers, travelers, and adventurers, with Kelsey documenting her and Nick’s experiences through her popular IG account, Finding NC. Nick proposed to Kelsey on the shores of Ireland and I can think of no better summation of their ever-moving, yet always in-sync lives. They are the type of couple who is down for anything as long as it’s life-giving. You can find them away from home most weekends, sleeping in tiny-homes and comparing breweries to camping along the miles of trails they’ve hiked. Kelsey and Nick stayed true to their relationship with photos that encompassed their gypsy hearts, and I can think of no better way than a 360 degree views of mountains overlooking their great state. Patrick and I could think of no better way to spend an evening than on the top of the world with two incredible people. Enjoy Kelsey and Nick and their Asheville Mountain engagement.


Photographer: Christen Smith Photography

Venue: Max Patch, Asheville NC

Hair & Makeup: Flawless Airbrush

Dress: Azazie