The house was still when I entered. There were several four-legged pets roaming around and yet everything remained peaceful in Kelli and Dan’s home. Baby Roland had arrived on August 4th, and forever changed the rhythm of their home. It was as though his existence brought a peaceful tranquility into their lives as he changed Kelli and Dan from husband and wife to mom and dad. To see Kelli and Dan handle every diaper change, cry, and swaddle, you would think that they were veterans of the parenting world. It seemed like just the other day that Patrick and I were photographing these two at Historic Oak View where Kelli and Dan were awaiting Roland’s arrival. Now they are still as busy as ever as entrepreneurs while making parenthood look amazing in the meantime. I will forever be enamored by these two and their ability to make hustle look effortless, and love that Roland will grow up with these two as the standard for how to kill it with everything that comes their way.

Baby Roland, it was so amazing to finally meet you and to capture how much your parents love you. You are so deeply cared for and I cannot wait to see the young man you’ll become! You are seriously the cutest, and we are so appreciative of you being the biggest trooper despite having a camera pointed in your face all afternoon.


Christen, thank you so much for giving our family such an amazing gift! You have frozen the moment in time that we only hope could last forever. We are so appreciative of you and your friendship