Patrick and I have been so fortunate to meet the best kind of people, and these two far exceed that description. We found that we had so much in common with these two, down to their hometowns. After talking, we found out that they went to a high school right around the corner from where Patrick lived! Such a small world! These two went to high school together, but didn’t reconnect until years later. Cody was in Fayetteville, serving our country in the military, and Jessica was pursuing her passion through college. After finding out if she was single (she was), the two reconnected and the rest is history. Long-distance and patience do not even begin to summarize their story, and years later these two are finally together in the same city. I feel like I was rooting for these two to be in the same city as soon as I heard their story, and getting to photograph them was an absolute honor. When selecting locations for their engagement session, it took no time for Cody and Jessica to pick a spot that was 100% unique to them: a privately owned tree farm. Jessica’s sister and brother-in-law live on a tree farm, and gave us free reign to explore and photograph on the property. I’m not going to lie, I was like a kid in a candy store as we drove through this gorgeous property, selecting beautiful locations to begin our session. I hope you enjoy Cody and Jessica and their stunning tree farm engagement session.

I absolutely loved their outfit choices! There had been heavy rain the day before we were supposed to shoot, and the leftover weather left the sky grey and overcast. The skies didn’t impact them at all, and these two absolutely radiated throughout the entire shoot. I loved being able to catch their playful interactions together, and photograph their genuine laughter and interactions.

For the second part of the shoot, Cody and Jessica changed into their formal outfits to finish off an already incredible day. Both Cody and Jessica rocked the suit and dress look as we finished off the shoot next to some gorgeous scenery. 

These last few images by the pond were simply gorgeous, namely because these two were absolute stunners in front of the camera.

Cody and Jessica, Patrick and I had a blast photographing you! From quoting Heavyweights to talking about Littlestown, PA, we are so thrilled that you chose us to celebrate your beautiful day! We felt like connecting with old friends, and didn’t want the shoot to end!! We’re so excited for you two, and cannot wait until November!!!