It’s always refreshing to reconnect with old friends; it’s even better when both of your paths cross nine hours away from home. Ashley and I know each other from my small Ohio hometown from 4-H. We spent most of our summers riding horses, eating junk food, and competing around our county.

Finding out recently that we both lived in Raleigh basically required that we meet up for a photo shoot, and the timing could not have been more perfect. Jon and Ashley will be moving back home to our hometown in Ohio at the end of this month where they will begin the next chapter of their exciting lives together.
Jon and Ashley met in college in Ohio, and are seriously two of the sweetest humans I’ve ever met. Ashley always had the ability to light up a room whenever she walked in. From her bubbly personality to her love for laughter,  I was so glad she found someone who appreciates and compliments her in every single way. You could not ask for a more laid-back person than Jon. Despite heat and hunger, Jon was a trooper throughout the entire shoot, making Ashley laugh and kissing her without being cued (ahhh so cute!)
Patrick and I had a blast with these three (can’t forget Hank)! We caught up on life while savoring the gorgeous location that means so much to the two of them. Jon and Ashley are inspirational. From the jobs they keep to the friendships they’ve made here, it’s no secret these two will be deeply missed. It was such a privilege to get to photograph their family and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them as they head up North once more.