I remember the first day that I met Tracy. I was a noob at my first big girl job, and walked into our company meeting to observe the most focused, sweet, fastest-typing individual that I’ve ever met in my entire life. During the time that we spent in a high-paced job, I loved the time that I got to spend connecting with this incredible human. My coworker and I convinced her to download Snapchat so that we could connect on the road, and from there, it was coffee dates, sleepovers, and extra time in the office so that we could hang out together. Tracy has been an integral part of my life and was there during the time that Patrick and I got together. She was my person when I found my dress and even helped make a video to share at my bridal shower when she couldn’t attend. Okay, now that I’ve set the scene for how much this woman means to me, enter James. Tracy and James have been together for as long as I’ve known her, and someone as amazing as Tracy requires an equally as amazing person to compliment her; and she did. James matches Tracy with humor, kindness, and is one of the hardest working people I know. These two are a power couple and I’ve loved getting to see them in their transitions as homeowners, dog parents, fiance’s, and finally husband and wife.

When Tracy asked Patrick and I to photograph their wedding, I cried some pretty huge tears. Each wedding is not taken lightly for Patrick and I, and to photograph this amazing couple’s day was seriously the greatest honor. Patrick and I spent some time in Nashville Tennessee before making our way to Kentucky, in awe that we had the Harbor laid out before us. Patrick and I had been checking the weather (as photographers do) and noticed that there was a nice little tropical storm headed right for the Harbor. As we scouted locations, we game planned not 1, but 4-5 different alternative locations for pictures just in case the heavens opened during portraits. As we were getting Tracy and James in place for the first look, James announced to us “you’ve got about 5 minutes.” 5 Minutes until the sky opened. As James turned to see Tracy, the rain began to cover their moment. Something beautiful happened though, both of them no longer cared. Rain beat on them as they shared their moment, opening gifts together, laughing and kissing, and it was as though they were in a moment completely unaware that they were drenched.

I absolutely love this. James and Tracy gave new meaning to the phrase “dance in the rain” and I’m so glad that Patrick and I got to witness such a beautiful moment. These two got married in the rain, had bridal party portraits in the rain, and rolled with the alternative plan of holding their reception in a location other than out under the stars. And their day was perfect. At the end of the night, I asked Tracy about her favorite part of the day, and with tears in her eyes she replied, “the first look”, without hesitation. Enjoy seeing the love that these two share and their beautiful, rainy lake house wedding.