These two! I remember meeting these two incredible humans at Sola and hearing their crazy engagement story. These high school sweethearts have the cutest dating stories, and also the most coincidental engagement story. Christopher proposed during a trip he and Nicole both took to the beach, and it was completely covert. Nicole thought they were taking a trip to see family, but he had additional plans for her. Christopher proposed on the beach, and it just so happened that her family was at the beach on the same weekend he proposed.  They all ended up at the same restaurant and got to celebrate with their loved ones after all. So the moral of this story is that Nicole’s hunch was correct, but Christopher just added a major bonus to their trip.

Their wedding is less than one year away and they’re taking it all in stride. Despite a new job for Nicole and both of their busy lives outside of wedding planning, these two still try to spend as much time together as possible. We met them at the JC Raulston Arboretum, which was a new location for all of us! It’s crazy, because they both went to school or literally worked across the street from this gorgeous park. I like that this was their first time here, because it adds to the memories that were made here during the shoot.


Nicole’s entire face lights up when she smiles and I found myself feeling so happy while editing their images, equating it to her smile, and also the way Christopher looked at her the entire shoot.


They completely owned that rose garden! And the lift kiss!

Nicole and Christopher wanted to rep their respective colleges with their college sweatshirts and rings. Christopher stood by NC State while Nicole repped Meredith.

Nicole and Christopher changed into their second outfits and were looking mighty fine for the end of our dreamy golden-hour light.



Oh my word! Talk about stunning!

Nicole and Christopher, you were both naturals in front of the camera, and seeing the way that you smiled and loved on each other was seriously the cutest thing ever! We hope you two had as much of a blast as Patrick and I did exploring the Arboretum with you! Congratulations again!