He carefully held onto a shirt that was meant for someone far smaller than him. Ultrasound pictures, onesies, and a sign about a little boy who had not arrived yet. Josh was preparing to be a proud father and we had the honor of looking upon sentimental pieces for a life that he and Devon were prepared to welcome into the world. Baby Fischer will be entering the world in just a few short weeks, and one of Devon’s priorities was to keep the love in her marriage at the forefront of their parenting. Devon described her marriage to Josh as effortless, and talked to Patrick and I about how much she’s loved her life with the two of them. While parenthood brings uncertainty at times, I know that Fischer will be an enhancement of the easy love these two have, and Patrick and I are so excited to see Devon and Josh as parents. They’re going to be wonderful together.

Because of Josh’s work schedule, Patrick and I met Josh and Devon at 6:45 in the morning on a beautiful Saturday morning at JC Raulston Arboretum. We could not have asked for better light, and were met with a combination of glow and clouds.