Lots of people have asked about the story of Patrick and me (Christen) and I caution people that it’s not the warm and fuzzy story that everyone loves to hear. We didn’t meet in high school. I was home schooled so that would have been awkward. We didn’t meet at the homecoming game or through mutual friends. We went to the same college, but for whatever reason, our paths never crossed. Instead, we met on September 1st 2011. We both worked in Student Accounts at Liberty University, and he got hired to be on my team; under me. That’s right,  I was his boss. We were both unavailable during this time, but I enjoyed the company of this quiet, green-eyed human who worked in the cube across from mine.

He was good friends with an older lady in our department and would spend his breaks walking and talking with her. He barely spoke to anyone else, but was polite and loved by all ladies over the age of 50 in our department.

The first time I realized we could be friends was in a meeting in which our boss asked us to document in detail about our daily activities on the job. Without cracking a smile, Patrick asked our boss if he wanted us to document our time in the “water closet”, and if so, how detailed did he want us to be. I made eye contact with my other co-workers and died laughing. Here was this guy who barely said anything asking a sarcastic question about restroom use. It was at that moment that I thought this guy and I could be friends.

Our first picture together. 2012.

Shenanigans with my work crew. 2012. See baby Patrick and I on the left?

So even though our paths didn’t cross until 2011, we still almost met each other several times. I freaked a little when I looked at these pictures below. The one on the left is Patrick with his crew at Texas Roadhouse and the one on the right is me with my family about to walk into Texas Roadhouse. If you look closely, you can see Patrick’s friends gathering for that picture. What in the world?!


Above: Patrick is in the back row, third from the left. Also, all of his groomsmen from our wedding are pictured with him as well.

The same goes for this image that I took at Graduation 2011. I went there to see my best friend graduate. Can you spot Patrick and his friends near the front middle?

Patrick and I geeked a little when we saw these pictures, leading us to discussions about classes we had together and other ways our paths could have crossed. Everything was timed perfectly, but I can’t help but wonder what would have happened had we met in 2007 when he first came to college. Hindsight is always 20/20. I tell him though that I think it was a good thing that we met later on because we were totally different people back then. He was the fun, occasional rule-breaker, and I was the straight edge RA. We joke about how much cooler he was than me; that’s still true to this day. I love sharing our story and will continue posting little nuggets about what brought us to where we are today. Here’s to meeting my best friend.