Rings. Shoes. Invitation Suite. Veil. Earrings. Gifts. Perfume. It’s all in the details. At least that’s what “they” say.  And “they” say it because everything either worn or displayed on the wedding day is what sets the couple apart from everyone else. Every detail belongs to the bride and groom and deserves to have time in front of the camera to tell the entire story of the couple’s day.

Details are a photographers dream, because this is how a photographer kicks off the wedding day while the bride and groom finish getting ready. This gives the photographer an idea of what the couple values, and kick starts inspiration for the remainder of the day.

Some of my couples have asked what to provide or what increases the aesthetics of detail images, and I wanted to provide some of my favorite go-to details. Also, let me just say that the following recommendations are entirely up to you and what you find essential your wedding day. All details are about telling YOUR story and should only be utilized if they aid in that goal!

Since photographers start the wedding day with details, designate the maid of honor or specific bridesmaid who can hand over the “details” box to the photographer. While some people feel like the details need to have all tags on or be in the original wrapping, it’s easiest if all of the details are tagless, boxless, and ready to go!


This is an easy detail because couple’s already have these on the wedding day! Have the bride’s engagement ring, and the couple’s wedding bands together in the details box.

The Mrs. Box

Rather than have the original boxes to display the rings, couples have started using the Mrs. Box or velvet boxes that are simply adorable. The velvet boxes often offer monogramming as well as similar colors to match your wedding.

Spooled Ribbon

This seems random, but adding texture to images creates depth that give your images added interest. Investing in spooled ribbon from Etsy or your local craft store, particularly complimentary colors from your wedding, add so much beauty to your details.


This is one of my favorite details because brides can use this on their wedding day to help recall the day. Whenever a bride uses the perfume, memories of the wedding day can be recalled because of the scent from her wedding day. Chanel No. 5 is a classic, but an unopened bottle of your favorite scent makes for amazing images.


Sentimental details unique to the couple is one of my top favorites for photographing the little moments. Having pieces from the bride and groom’s childhood or family encapsulates what sets their day apart from everyone else. A handkerchief of your grandmother’s. A picture of a relative displayed on the bouquet or inside the groom’s jacket is a wonderful way to remember and honor family members.

Loose flowers

I absolutely love styling with greenery and flowers. Asking your florist to leave in the leftover greenery or loose flowers from your bouquet, boutonniere, or centerpieces is an excellent way to get flowers and greenery that is already themed for your day.

Invitation Suite

This is typically the paper invitation, envelope, response card and any additional paper that got sent to your guests in the mail. I love when couples provide me with a hand written or customized envelope addressed with calligraphy; sometimes even addressed to themselves.

Envelope liners

This is the icing on the details cake and is becoming more popular for wedding invitations. Envelope liners do exactly as their name describes: line your envelopes. They are an excellent way to customize the wedding invitations sent to guests and make your invitation suite cohesive.


Veils provide excellent visual interest and can be used to lighten a dark background as well as add the unique details from your veil.


I love photographing shoes, because they are complete the entire vision that you have for your outfit. I remember searching for weeks to find shoes that did my dress justice, so I make sure that our brides get this detail thoroughly documented.

Decorative hair pieces

I’m a little biased because I had a decorative hair piece on our wedding day, but I’m seriously so into brides adding jewelry to their hair. Whether it’s braided into a bride’s hair or placed with the veil, a hair piece adds so much sparkly goodness to details.


Necklaces. Bracelets. Earrings. This is where most couples are able to incorporate sentimental pieces from their mothers or grandmothers into their special day.

Bride and Groom gifts

Brides and grooms will sometimes present a gift to their future spouse, and this is the perfect time to photograph the details of that gift.

Tips on preparing details on your wedding day

Now that you’ve read about what makes details so special and what to incorporate on your wedding day, let’s talk about how to prepare those gorgeous details on the wedding day!

Keep it with the bride: Have all details to be photographed (including both wedding rings) with the bride the morning of the wedding since she will typically be at the getting ready location before the groom.

Tags Off: Removing all tags, stickers, and packaging help details be photo ready!

Buckle shoes: Buckling your shoes cuts down on the amount of time spent preparing your shoes to be camera ready.

Clean those rings: Since your rings will have their close-up with the camera, having them cleaned prior to the day helps give them that extra glow.

Keep it together: It’s easiest to have all details together in a shoe box or container ready to hand off to the photographer the morning of the wedding.

Assign your “go-to” person: I recommend giving this role to the maid of honor/mother/relative who will be in the getting ready room so that they can be in charge of returning the bride’s ring to the best man and keep track of all details as the bride finishes up hair and makeup.

I hope that preparing for details is getting you pumped for your own day! Here’s to showing off the sentimental, beautiful, and intimate details of your day!