I am so enamored with Patrick, and what better way to conclude Valentine’s Day than with a sappy post about my favorite human. Some of you have been asking about our relationship and want to know exactly how Patrick asked me to be his wife. Well, before I give you the cute, mushy details, I need to provide some backstory.

Our relationship has not always been a smooth one, namely because of me (Christen) and the journey that I was on when we first started pursuing our relationship. I took time away from Patrick  while I worked through some personal issues, and it was during that time that God did a work in both of our hearts. I remember distinctly that I had made “the list” that described what I was looking for in a future husband. I wanted someone who loved the Lord above anything else and someone who would guard and protect our family through his guidance. When we finally reconnected in the summer of 2015, we were entirely different people, and I can only equate that to God’s perfect timing.

I ended up calling him the day after his birthday, and kept trying to articulate how I was ready to be with him, but wasn’t sure if he felt the same. Finally, after several failed attempts at describing how I felt, he asked “Are you asking me out, Christen Walker?” Phew. Glad that he said what I couldn’t. And yes, I was asking him out. I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life and I was thankful for his mind-reading in that moment, so that I didn’t have to keep fumbling.

After that, Patrick and I began discussing the possibility of getting engaged, and I was fairly he would propose during a trip to visit him in North Carolina. In September 2015, I arrived early in Raleigh on a Thursday as a surprise. He was happy but thrown off when I showed up at his work, and his confusion, I found out later was due to his proposal plans. “Stay at the clubhouse”, he instructed as I sat in the parking lot of his apartment’s office, eating a burrito and playing candy crush on my phone. He claimed he had to “tidy up his apartment, but in reality, he was stashing all evidence of the proposal. I had an idea that he was hiding stuff regarding the proposal, but the burrito he got for me was amazing, so I was probably dismissive because of his distraction tactics.

Side note: we had already booked several of our vendors and met with sweet Kelsey of Kelsey Nelson Photography in downtown Raleigh. “How did he propose?” She eagerly asked as we already booked her to shoot our April 2016 wedding. Patrick and I looked at one another and felt like frauds. “Well, we’re not actually engaged yet, but we’ll let you know when it happens!” Oi! After we left, I told Patrick that she was probably going to quit as our wedding photography due to requiring her couples to be engaged…and sane.

On Sunday morning, we went to Church and were greeted by his small group leader. Little did I know that their bro hug was an exchange of keys so that his small group leader could get the supplies for the proposal out of Patrick’s car trunk (sneaky sneaky). After church, we ate, changed clothes, and left to tour the wedding venue we had already selected. We took our time exploring the venue and photographing every angle. I noticed Patrick began to get antsy, stating that he wanted to get back to start dinner. I suspected he might propose over dinner, and selfishly did not want to delay his process.

We left the venue and ended up at a beautiful park where he told me he wanted to hike really quick before dinner. We had great conversation (as usual) and he asked several times if I was ready to go back. This cover-up helped me avoid suspicion, and I was loving the hand-in-hand journey with him. We continued our walk to the river, walking alongside the riverbed to a clearing. Ahead, I saw a blanket with a guitar case and flowers sitting on top of it. As soon as I realized it was for us, I froze, because it was at that moment that I realized that I was going to say yes to the man I was hiking beside.

In the past, Patrick was quite the musician, and I had asked him to sing and play for me prior to this. He usually dismissed my requests by stating that music was no longer a part of his life. I was enamored when he began strumming the guitar after we had a seat, telling me that he wrote a song about our relationship. My heart melted as he stated that he would do anything for me and sang in a sexy, raspy voice about fighting for us and waiting for me.

Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck. He then asked me to stand, got down on his knee and pulled out a ring box from the guitar case. Through tears and high-pitched inaudible noises, I squealed the word “yes”.




I had noticed someone off in the distance taking photos, and began figuring out that he had camera ninjas do the set up as well as photograph our special moment.  We had a post-engagement photo shoot with a wonderful couple (his small group leader and his wife) and spent the night texting and calling people as well as relishing in the excitement of the evening.

You can see the proposal unfold here on their website!

I can honestly say that this man is my best friend and it is such an honor that I’m married to him. He is my kind of sarcastic and gets my weird sense of humor. He shares my love for adventure and introversion. We both love movies and television shows: Girl dramas for me and Sci-fi for him. He is my coffee drinking, God-fearing, sarcastic speaking, and patience exemplifying man. I am so thankful that he’s mine. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!