The first time we met, Brielle cried. We were at Starbucks seated across the table with the kindest guy and most bubbly girl.  Patrick and I were talking about how we orchestrate a wedding day and when we began talking about our “why”, Brielle’s eyes glistened. Patrick and I left the coffee shop feeling so energized and alive, and it was then that we knew that it had everything to do with these two. Nick and Brielle weren’t supposed to meet. Seriously. Brielle was in North Carolina for a job interview and randomly decided to try out a dating app before flying back to New Jersey. She boarded a plane and shut off her phone. In that time, Nick was driving near the airport and matched with her on the app. She flew back north and began connecting with Nick, the ultimate southern gentleman, and the rest is history. She moved down here and the two have done nothing but conquer life together since that time. They eloped, found out they were pregnant, and all of this amidst job changes, a baby, and planning a wedding. We feel like connecting with these two is much like how they met, effortless and unexplainable. Getting to shoot their maternity session right before the forecasted snow storm the following day felt like perfect timing and we felt like we were spending time with two friends as we walked around Historic Oak View together. Enjoy scrolling through the most adorable family 🙂