Kelsey stepped out of the vehicle and I immediately teared up. The first time Patrick and I met this amazing lady at a coffee shop in North Hills I felt like I’ve known her forever. Seeing Kelsey look so incredible in a gown that was perfectly suited for her was like seeing my sister or my best friend walking toward me in a wedding gown. Kelsey reached out to us the night she got engaged and has trusted us every step along the way.  Patience was the name of the game to catch rainless and cooler weather for her bridal portraits, and when we finally got a gorgeous day with glowy light, it took me back to her and Jonathan’s gorgeous engagement session back in February. I hope you enjoy some of the innumerable images I captured of this beauty.

Kelsey, you are an absolute angel. Not only are you stunning, but you have the most optimistic outlook on life. I absolutely loved hanging out with you and cannot believe how quickly time has flown since your wedding day. Love this!

Venue: Historic Oak View, Raleigh NC

Dress: Essense of Australia | Lana Addison Bridal

Hair + Makeup: Head Turner Salon