Jonathan and Kelsey. Where do I even begin to describe these two? Do I start at the place where they met by chance and have managed to keep their relationship alive despite distance? Do I start where Jonathan proposed in the middle of a photo shoot, so that every emotion was captured on camera? Do I talk about how she emailed me the day she got engaged to make sure she jump started wedding planning? Or do I mention how intentional these two have been before even one photo was taken? Jonathan and Kelsey have been conquering long-distance, coming together for days at a time to savor time together before being hours away from one another once again. Kelsey  scheduled the shoot when Jonathan would be visiting her in NC, and they took full advantage of their time. From registering for wedding gifts to engagement photos, these two soaked up every moment they spent together. They wanted to shoot at Historic Oak View in Raleigh, NC because of all of the amazing places to shoot on the property, and it was a freakishly warm Saturday in February, meaning that we were comfortable the entire time. The only snag was a Pokemon Go event, attracting nerds of all ages to swarm the property while we were shooting. Not even Pikachu could have interrupted such a brilliant and beautiful shoot though. From the outfits they chose to the weather and festivities happening on the property, this was an amazing day filled with playfulness and love.

For their second outfit, Kelsey donned a flowy, pastel gown and used any excuse to make that dress move! I absolutely loved the images we captured in the cotton field.

We moved over to the front of the barn and the light peeking over the trees was ridiculous! 

Just when you think this shoot couldn’t get any more amazing, Jonathan and Kelsey changed into one more outfit to conclude an already incredible evening. They wanted outfits that were more casual to reflect how relaxed they were with one another. When asked what they liked to do together, they both replied that “grocery shopping” and doing the boring life stuff was a definite highlight. A couple after our own hearts!!!

Jonathan and Kelsey, October will be here before you know it and Patrick and I cannot wait to celebrate your incredible relationship! Here’s to nothing but incredible things ahead!!!