“You’re almost there.” The motivational phrase held so much meaning for the four of us as we continued to press onward. Strangers passing in the opposite direction offered encouragement as Patrick, Devin, Sara, and I navigated the narrow pathway ahead. We were making a slow ascent up the Boone mountain trail, a feat that demanded hiking shoes and heavy coats. Sara and Devin looked slightly out of place in their dress clothes and fancy shoes, removing their coats when we approached a spot to take photographs. Despite their attire, these two looked at home on the mountain side, navigating the muddy and often narrow pathways like expert hikers. Patience was the name of the game as we all waited patiently for crowds to dissipate and hikers to pass. Sara and Devin are NC state fans, but Devin’s roots are in Appalachian State. These two are absolutely perfect for one another and we loved getting to see their effortless interaction together. Sara and Devin took advantage of their time in the North Carolina mountains to meet with vendors and tour their venue, The Overlook Barn, located in Banner Elk. This was the first time that Patrick and I had made our way to the mountains together and we absolutely loved getting to hear about the meaningful stories that this place held for Sara and Devin. The views from the top were breathtaking and we knew that the phrase “you’re almost there” signified so much more than just ascending a mountain. It meant patience as Sara and Devin diligently plan and prepare for their wedding day. It means endurance in the midst of difficult times, and moreover, it means celebration at what these two will accomplish in their marriage. While the mountain views were stunning, it really was nothing compared to these two and how incredibly obvious their love for one another truly is. Devin and Sara, you’re almost there. This day with you two was incredible, and is only a slight foreshadowing into how your wedding day will be.