Pinterest is the devil. Let’s just be honest. The home page is a visual representation of what goes on inside my head when I’m asked how my day was.  You can find a recipe for cheesecake next to a woman doing crossfit next to baby seals next to clothespin chandeliers. While the site is ideal for finding virtually anything, I find myself feeling one of two different ways: overconfident or completely inadequate as a human.

As a bride, I had a thought that led me to a dark place; “Oh I can make that.”

  • I don’t need to buy flowers, I’ll make coffee filter roses.
  • I don’t need to rent décor, I’ll go thrifting.
  • I don’t need to have vendors drop off items, I’ve got this.

This was the start of my journey. My stressful, time-consuming journey. I had help and support from others, but found myself spending endless amounts of energy on “details” for my wedding.

The decision to go DIY was to save money, but maybe you’re choosing DIY because you’re naturally crafty or want to make sentimental pieces to have on your special day. Whatever the reason, ask yourself some of these questions before deciding to commit to going full Pinterest.

  • Why are you choosing to go DIY?

Is it because you want to or because you want to save money and/or time? Is it because you want to have something unique to share? Do you have a particular passion or hobby that can overflow into the project. Ask yourself about the purpose before you even begin looking.

  • What DIY projects are you wanting to accomplish?

The term “less is more” is true of DIY projects. Create a list of some essentials and some “would-be-nice” projects.

  • How many people will be at your wedding?

Are you trying to grow succulent wedding favors for 200 guests? Are you creating 15 centerpieces that each require hours of lost sleep? Keep in mind that a wedding typically means quantity which equals time. The larger or more extravagant the wedding, the less feasible certain projects become.

  • Is there a way around DIY?

Are you looking to DIY because you haven’t found exactly what you want? Most of the time, certain projects have been done before. It’s just a matter of looking around. If you’ve gone to great lengths, which include search parties and carrier pigeons, and are still not having luck, you’ll need to consider three things: budget, squad, and time.

  • Budget: Do you know how much each item costs? Do you know what can be store bought and what needs to be purchased online? In finishing my DIY projects, I found that there were some items that would have been cheaper had I just initially purchased it as opposed to gathering each individual item to assemble the finished product.
  • Squad: Having people who were on board with making coffee filter roses, spray painting picture frames, assembling windows and doors, and arranging flowers made my DIY wedding possible. Evaluate who in your life is crafty, has extra time, lives near you, and is open to help bring your dream to life.
  • Time: All projects take time and yours is valuable. As a bride, you are going to be a planner, event coordinator, secretary, boss lady, and moral supporter while maintaining a job, relationships, and preparing to share life with your favorite person. Your goal is to maximize your time and if there is anything that could potentially compromise that, it is up to you to identify whether it is worth it.

Images of our wedding by Kelsey Nelson Photography