Dylan and Sarah hold onto one another. Not in the typical, posed sort of way but as a symbol that they will never let go. Not in life and not in their love. It seems like eons since Patrick and I first met this incredible couple on a rainy evening at Sola Coffee. Dylan and Sarah were the type of people we felt like we could easily kick it with and immediately felt just how important their family and friends were to both of them. It’s incredible to see a couple’s vision unfold on their wedding day, and having Sarah and Dylan surrounded by their friends and family was exactly what their day was about. Sarah was surrounded by people who loved her entirely as she got ready, and Dylan’s groomsmen rallied around him to make sure that everything was taken care of.

Their wedding took place at the gorgeous Chapel Hill Carriage House and you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect venue to celebrate these two and their vision! The day was definitely toasty and we made sure to keep everyone hydrated and out of the sun as much as possible. The property at the Carriage House was stunning and we were not void of places to shoot each highlight of their gorgeous day.

Several moments that Dylan and Sarah wanted to capture was a first look between Sarah and her bridesmaids, a moment with Dylan before the ceremony, and a last dance alone prior to their exit. Each of these moments were not without deep meaning, and Patrick and I loved getting to capture each of these moments. Sarah is a singer and her family is musically talented which meant Sarah and her father performing for Dylan’s dance with his mother. And as it usually goes, talented people have talented friends and Sarah and Dylan had some of their closest friends perform their first dance as well. Each toast throughout the evening was incredibly meaningful to the couple and it was amazing to see Sarah and Dylan react so lovingly to each family or friend talking about their love for them as a couple.

This wedding struck me. Not because it was beautiful, although it was, but because Sarah and Dylan were so intentional shared this day with everyone who was present that day. I hope you enjoy some of the highlights from their incredible day.

Sarah’s first look with her bridesmaids absolutely melted me. Her sister, Katie, is on the far left in the bridesmaids photo and her reaction was priceless.

Dylan and Sarah originally wanted to have a moment where they would hold hands around the corner, but decided to spend time together without seeing one another. Dylan has amazing self-control! This moment was so special to the two of them and I’m so glad they got to spend time together before she walked toward him.

This. This is why we do what we do.


Reception details for days! I absolutely loved the carriage house and all of their incredible details!

We stole Dylan and Sarah for sunset images, and I’m so glad that we did. Not only did this give them a moment alone together, but it also meant we captured these moments.

Their reception was so amazing and was full of so many gorgeous details! My heart was so full, both from how their friends and family showered them with love and also from all of the incredible moments we were able to capture.

Sarah is a singer and sang during Dylan’s dance with his mother. As if this wasn’t amazing enough, Sarah’s dad played the guitar for her.

If last dances are as inspiring as this one then they need to stay forever. As their guests were lining up for their sparkler exit, these two had a moment alone (with us 😉 as they soaked up every last second from their incredible day!

Dylan and Sarah. You two are an inspiration. I’m so thankful that Patrick and I had the honor to not only spend time with you at UNC last fall but to capture this amazing in both of your lives. Thank you for allowing us to experience this day alongside you, crying while you cried, and photographing these moments as they unfolded so effortlessly before you both. We can’t wait to see how both will change this world; it’s already begun. Here’s to the power couple!


Photographer: Christen Smith Photography

Venue: Chapel Hill Carriage House

Hair: Jade Marion Hair

Sarah’s dress: Hayley Paige

Ladies Attire: Lulus

Gentleman’s attire: Generation Tux

Florals: Bloomin’ Rose Flowers

Coordination: Grace Meyer Taylor

Service: Top Off Events

Catering: Bandido’s Mexican

Desserts: Sugarland