When Krista of Six Foot Photography asks you to go to the mountains with her for a wedding, you say yes. When she asks you to meet her at 5am, you say yes. When she asks you to call to order way too much pizza and drink Venti cold brews from Starbucks, you are reminded of why you two are friends. I had a blast and would only wake up at 3am for Krista! Well, her, and photography, Patrick, and possibly family. This girl likes her sleep! This wedding near Asheville was so amazing though, and I was beyond honored that she asked me to capture it alongside her. We started at 10am and the day ended early, giving us the opportunity to capture the best parts of Dom and Lauren’s day. Lauren and Dom look like Barbie and Ken. Lauren is stunning and Dom has Disney prince hair! They are great for one another and I loved seeing how relaxed this two were, both about their day and one another. Their reception took place at Champion Hills which is a mountain top golf course. And yes, it’s just as amazing as it sounds. The day called for rain allllll day, but it didn’t start until we had officially wrapped up outdoor portraits for the evening. Talk about perfect timing! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed spending time with Krista and this incredible couple!

Venue: Champion Hills

Second shooter and featured images: Christen Smith Photography

Primary Photographer: Krista of Six Foot Photography