I have been so excited to release this post, but I’ve also been intimidated because how do you summarize a fantastic year into several images? This year has been groundbreaking, because I’ve gotten to work with some of the most talented photographers and vendors in the North Carolina wedding industry. From primary shooting and mini-sessions, and from second-shooting to filming video, this year has been so full and I feel like CSP was propelled forward. I cannot take credit for all of my success, however, because I’ve had some incredible people not only trust in me, but give me the space I’ve needed to grow and learn as a photographer.

I’ve gotten to photograph at gorgeous venues, meet incredible couples, and have the honor of sharing some of my favorites with you today. I thought about doing a “top 12” or countdown to THE number 1 image, but not only does that make people question why I chose one image over another, it’s almost impossible to do for this year! Instead, I thought I would share a few of my favorite images from each moment of the couple’s day.

Prep + Details


There is something so therapeutic about photographing details. This year, each couple had the same appreciation for details, and I loved being able to capture the beautiful pieces that make up the day.


Beautiful Brides


Hey pretty ladies. Every bride is unique, beautiful, and strong, and every moment spent with them was like connecting with an old friend. I’ve loved getting to capture the victory of brides stepping into their dress, and the elated expressions of preparing to walk toward their future husband. I love photographing the tears of first looks and the laughter that comes from expressing this day as one of their favorites. It’s such an honor to photograph brides embarking on the next chapter of their life with their fiancé, and I truly cherish every moment spent with these lovely ladies.





Handsome Grooms

Gentlemen, gentlemen. This year, I made it a point to improve my posing and intentionality with grooms, because, let’s face it, the day can sometimes get overshadowed by the star in the white dress. What I found this year was that hanging out with the guys was unbelievably fun. Not only is there minimal stress, but guys have an excitement about the day that translates into humor and excitement about seeing their future wife. Some of my favorite images came from giving the guys their moment to shine in front of the camera and let them rock their modeling skills; these guys were all naturals.



First Looks

I’m absolutely obsessed with first looks. Not only is it an intimate moment between the couple, but the reactions that I’ve gotten to capture are absolutely priceless. First looks are near and dear to my heart, because it was one of the few moments during the wedding where I got to breathe and be with Patrick, the one who I was choosing to spend my life with. It was so important for him and I to have a moment during the day to breathe, and I love when our couples choose to embrace the moment of allowing their future spouse to be the first one to let them know how amazing they look. Here are some of my favorite first look reactions, and you can almost hear the hearts of each couple burst when they see the love of their life coming toward them.





The first look is the moment where raw emotion and anticipation of being husband and wife occur. After being declared husband and wife,  romantic and swooning images happen. Enjoy these images of couples displaying their love for one another.




Reception Details

Back to details! I’ve gotten the privilege to shoot at some incredible venues and getting to show off the couple’s creativity through décor and small details make each venue absolutely unique to the newlyweds.







In addition to the first look, receptions and first dances are the place where raw emotion shine through again. Crying through father-daughter dances, smiling through first dances, and nodding approval at all humans who break it down on the dance floor give me life throughout the celebration of each amazing couple.

I feel like this is a really poor summation of a really great year, and if I could include all of the incredible images that I’ve gotten to capture without it being a ridiculously long post, then I absolutely would.  Getting to be a part of these incredible weddings was nothing short of humbling and I owe so much to Krista and Amber, the master minds behind Six Foot Photography for giving me the honor of second shooting many of these incredible weddings. I also want to think all of my lovely clients from this past year and the trust that they put in me. It’s fair to say that 2017 is going to be a hard one to beat, but I’ve got a lot to look forward to for 2018.