2017 was busy. So busy, in fact that there was little time to take pictures of the busyness. I’ve gotten to shoot alongside some incredible women and man/husband, and I wanted to use this time to both reflect on what an incredible year I’ve had as well as give you a glimpse into what life looks like behind the camera. While photography requires an artistic eye, knowledge of camera mechanics, and patience, it also requires humility, humor, and a lot of flexibility.

To begin, I wanted to break up this “behind the scenes” post into segments.

I call this first segment “light testing” or have people stand in one spot while I make sure my flash looks right.


My stud looking amazing, per usual, and Corey showing me how gorgeous she looks in ambient light.

Oh Krista. I’ve second shot the most with this beauty and have loved every opportunity I’ve gotten to shoot with her.

I try my best to be inconspicuous, but sometimes I get in the way of the other photographer I’m working with. I call this segment “Find the other photographer in my shot” or “see whose shot I stepped into”.

We always go above and beyond for our clients, and I wanted to share some images of photographers being so much more than photographers.

We are confidence boosters…


Dress fluffers and complicated dress lacers…

Amber makes fluffing the dress look incredibly flattering, per usual.

We are veil pinners….

…and a breath of fresh air on a wedding day.


In addition to calming the bride, I’ve also given myself the honorary role of adorable baby holder.

This next segment are action shots and photographers looking amazing doing what they do.


Patrick is the best at getting unique camera angles, but I never hesitate to photograph my handsome husband whenever I get the chance.


Krista literally contorts herself to get her detail shots. That is dedication.


I had to show videographers doing what they do as well, because they are right there beside us capturing the moments as they unfold.




In order to get the phenomenal pictures that we do, there is a lot that goes into it. Here’s some behind the scenes of the directing magic.


We make sure to never take our job too seriously, and also to love every single moment getting to do what we love.



Oh 2017. I can’t believe how much I’ve gotten to experience both traveling and in working with others through this amazing job I get to call mine. From Asheville to Duck, North Carolina. From burning my toe during a sparkler exit to crying during almost every single father-daughter dance. From cake and cheesecake to first looks and wogging across venues, I love what I do. I hope you all enjoy this snapshot of such a great and meaningful year.