The Smiths

About Us

Hi Friends! We’re Patrick and Christen. We are a husband and wife wedding photography team, obsessed with marriage, life, and love. We are passionate about hearing the stories that make up someone’s existence, and wanted to channel that into a way where we could hear and tell stories simultaneously. Enter photography. We love getting to meet new people, journey with them through the planning process, and cry happy tears with them on the wedding day. For us, photography has never just been about clicking a button or telling someone where to stand; photography for us is an experience that tells someone who you were and what you felt at that moment in time.



Hey! I’m Christen! I’m Ohio born and raised, but moved to North Carolina in 2015 to pursue the love of my life. I married Patrick on April 30th 2016, and it was hands-down one of the best days of my life! My favorite moment from that day was the recessional, because I saw Patrick tear up for the first time, and every emotion we felt that whole day hit both of us simultaneously!

Patrick and I are essentially one person, and you can seldom find us apart. My favorite date nights are the ones spent in sweatpants, but we’ll occasionally change out of sweats to go hiking or for a nice dinner together.

In addition to being a wifey, I’m also the oldest of 16 kids (say what!?). I have a master’s degree in counseling, used to think I wanted to train horses for a living, and have lived in 6 states in the past decade.

I would rather start my day early, stay in a cabin rather than a beach house, and choose a sugary coffee drink over a fancy meal.

I’ve been behind the camera for years, transitioning from high-school 4-H projects to knowing that my passion for photography stems from hearing my couple’s stories. To see love orchestrated in front of my camera is a glimpse both into their values, but also into what is uniquely them.


Hey guys, I’m Patrick, and I’m originally from Pennsylvania. I moved from Virginia to Raleigh in 2015, and married Christen the following April.  My favorite moment from our wedding day was our first moment alone after we walked up the aisle. That’s really when it sunk in.

When I’m not photographing, you can find me drinking coffee (the darker the better), binge-watching sci-fi, and working out at the gym.

I would rather stay up late than get up early, eat food essential for survival (meat and potatoes, it is), and have this ability to make myself comfortable in any situation I’m in.

I love to get dressed up for a nice dinner, but am also perfectly content to stay in all weekend. My favorite thing about photography are the people we get to know, and how we get to carry out their stories through photography.

Our Why

Moments are either remembered or forgotten. I don’t remember taking my first steps or sitting on my late great-grandmother’s lap when I was 2. It’s so humbling to rely on the memories and stories of others to fill in the memory gaps of a person who loved me and my family so dearly. I’ve come to find that as moments leave us, even this moment that I’m writing to you, that photos and videos are two ways to demand that moment stay with us forever.  I remember the way my great-grandmother sounded from video, but I remember how much she cared for me when I look at images of her. Photographs are our way of saying, that the moment we’re capturing is too sacred to forget. It is making the choice to recall and reflect on the emotion, story, and memories that make up that individual image.

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