“It’s really just a compilation of our backs hunched over, because we’re pointing cameras at things.” I (Christen) shared my epiphany with Patrick after this post was completed. It’s nostalgic to highlight the year, reminiscing on each shoot and wedding in our images. Each experience, emotion, and breath pours out of these images, and we laughed, sighed, and got emotional while reminiscing.

3 points I observed while pouring over these behind-the-scenes from 2019. 1) I have hunchy posture that gets hunchier when I hold a camera up to my eye 2) We are either smiling or concentrating really hard 3) We are obsessed with our couples and truly immerse ourselves in each element of their day.

Beginning of the day

From details and orchestrating flatlays to cracking dad jokes in the bridal suite, we are all about starting the day with style.

Whether it’s pinning a boutonniere or pouring some bubbly, we’ve got you.

First Looks

We are all about first looks. That first moment when bridesmaids, parents, and grooms see the bride for the first time. While we love for first looks to be organic, the setup takes some orchestration.

Patrick has been a stand-in bride for many of our couples, much to the dismay of our grooms.


It looks like I’m caught every time Patrick photographs me during the ceremony.

Our couples are the best!

Our couples are the luckiest. Just look at these poised faces they get to see all day.

When it comes to receptions, we bring class, sass, and plenty of cheesy facial expressions.

And if there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s our subtly during an exit.

And then there’s the amazing vendors and photographers we’ve gotten the privilege to work with.

Next is the montage of all the amazing facial expressions of Patrick and I

Patrick is my model regardless of how many times I ask.

And then there’s the classic back of the head shots that Patrick manages to get of me.

Despite our crazy expressions and poor posture, one element that never gets old is when we become like family.

Regardless of how ridiculous we look at times, we know that 2020 will only continue to escalate the wonderful business we get to have.

Final image by Becca Rizzo